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Son Tra Beach

April 10, 2011

The Son Tra Peninsula is situated 10 km northeast of Danang City. Regarded by the Vietnamese,  a special gift from God. The peninsula looks like a mushroom with its peak rising 693 meters above sea level. The cap of the mushroom is Son Tra Mountain or Monkey Mountain and its stalk is the white sandy beach that affords an ideal area for beach activities.

The drive along the coastal mountain road to the peninsula is quite spectacular with fishing boats resting place, winding hills and coastal views. From atop Son Tra, there are beautiful views back to the beach and across the city. Certainly, there is a big money statue and his descendant are playing around. Halfway up the peninsula there is a parking area and a tourist zone.

Beyond the lookout there is a pagoda, marble statues and a giant Buddha. So far, this sacred place is for making wishes.

Pristine tropical beaches and mountain. Personally, on the peak, perfect place for slow – life, meditation and green nature.

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