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Have an environmentally friendly vacation

June 25, 2011

Reduce your environmental footprint

1. Select an appropriate destination
Look at eco-tourism options

2. Choose the best way to get there
– Choose the most environmentally friendly form of transport

3. Choose the right place to stay
– Choose environmentally friendly accommodation

4. Be responsible guest
– Respect the local environment
– Choose reputable, conservation-minded tour operators and suppliers
– Conserve water
– Limit energy use
– Dispose of sanitary waste properly
– Recycle and reduce
– Choose environmentally friendly transport
– Avoid damaging recreational activities

5. Coming home…
– Watch what you buy for a souvenir! Think twice before you buy any products made from any endangered species

And finally…
Enjoy nature and the environment. There is so much out there that stands out on this planet as amazing, astounding, and downright breathtaking…

Have a great vacation!

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