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Waterways Indochina

July 14, 2011

In the next months till September, the waterways of Indochina will flow strong and full, the best time for cruising on the great Mekong River and its tributaries.

Speeding along the Saigon River past mangrove and palm lined banks to the Cu Chi Tunnels recall the swift boats of Operation Sealords that patrolled the Mekong Delta during the war. The subterranean labyrinths of Cu Chi epitomize the ingenious stealth of the Viet Cong operating in the midst of enemy territory.

A languid day aboard the thatched roofed sampans of the Cai Be Princess is a charming excursion to the Delta complete with visits to islets and lunch at a colonial styled villa while the Bassac offers an overnight cruise in style.

Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh by waterway takes you deep into the watery world of the Mekong Delta the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh. Enroute are the floating markets, cottage industries and flat, green farmlands and at the river border town of Chau Doc Vietnamese and Khmer culture blends.

Laos is best explored over 3 days on the extraordinary Wat Phou Cruise from Pakse to the 4000 islands of the great Khone Falls near the Laos-Cambodian border with visits to temple and ancient forest hidden ruins.

These waterway cruises are at once romantic and adventurous, a great way to capture the essence of Indochina at a leisurely pace, safe, comfortable and suited for couples and families.

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