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July 26, 2011

Con Dao Islands, Vietnam, Top 10 Things To Do

Con Dao town. Con Dao Islands. Vietnam

Considered the nation’s most pristine Island ecosystem with dense tropical forests, luminous green paddies, prominent mountain peaks and deep valleys. For travellers, Con Dao islands is the place for hideaway, slow life and startling beaches. During this disconnect time, there are 10 picks activities do do in Con Dao.
An article to share our experts experience and passion for Con Dao islands.

  1. Greetings the first sunlight on Con Dao beaches. Great time for Kodak moment.
  2. Cycle through Con Dao along narrow, shady and empty traffic streets.
  3. Visit Con Dao Market in the morning to see truly daily life with full sounds and sights, all fresh seafood.
  4. Take Historic & Prison tour with for getting into history, mystery of Con Dao Islands.
  5. Trekking and walking to the Light House. An excursion of combination of boat trip, trekking and beach swimming. On the top the islet, there is a heart -beating view of pristine beach and nature.
  6. Tour Du Con Dao. Cycling trip for those who love cycling in adventurous moods – winds on your hair and freedom at your feet.
  7. Con Dao marine discovery.  Discover Con Dao secret underwater world. There are perfects stops for scuba diving or snorkeling. Who knows you will see rare sea mammal – dugong. Theme of Caribbean Pirate IV.
  8. Take sunset cruise for cocktail time with beach theme. Perfect activity for honeymooners and beach lovers.
  9. Visit the central cemetery in the middle of the night to discover the most hollies area for Vietnam officers.
  10. Simply slow down and indulge yourself into pristine nature or quiet beaches of Con Dao Beach Retreat

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