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Vietnam Birding Tours. Go Wild With The Birds

August 5, 2011

Vietnam Birdwatching Tour. Go Wild With The Birds.
GRANDEUR journeys
Extraordinary Experiences of Indochina & beyond

Go wild, go south with the birds this winter! Spread you wings for the freedom and warmth of Indochina where the wintering flocks know, life is good. Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia have some of the best offerings in the world with top notch resorts and cuisine at bargain prices. Fast becoming the top emerging destination for travel in the tropics, Indochina presents a bird’s eye view of beautiful wetlands, forested hills and lush watered valleys, languid rivers, sandy beaches and idyllic islands. There are more UNESCO world heritage sites and biodiversity hotspots here than in many other countries and yet, much of Indochina remains relatively undiscovered… not forgetting that Myanmar has recently opened up a crack more as well.

Taking our cue from the birds, Grandeur Journeys has launched a new series of birding and wildlife tours that will take you to these outstanding natural areas. Throw in a mixture of the region’s exotic culture, intriguing and poignant history, buzzing cities and quaint villages with modes of transport ranging from rickshaws, elephants, junks, bicycles or trains and you have the recipe for an extraordinary experience of a lifetime. So, even if birds or the wild isn’t your cup of tea, there’s so much of a spread that you can pick from for your holiday in these lands of the Mekong.

For your interest and support,  simply contact Grandeur Journeys to travel with our experts


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