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Vietnam Birding Tours. Go Wild With The Birds

August 6, 2011
Wetland. Mekong. Vietnam. Dong Thap Muoi

Mekong Wetland. Boat for bird sanctuary.

Mekong Wetland. Dong Thap Muoi. Vietnam

The wetlands of Dong Thap Muoi is about a 2 hour drive from Saigon close to the Cambodian border in Long An province. The route through the Delta region ends with the final stretch on a laterite path, past watered farms and monkey bridges, to the docking point for a short boat ride up to the Medicinal Herb Preservation Center. Here, there is a small preparation and distillation facility, an aviary, native fish breeding ponds and nursery. An observation tower overlooks the wide expense of wetlands and canals. The natural flora with its medicinal properties is carefully preserved or cultivated in this dreamlike landscape that was the location for the film “Floating Lives.” These wetlands are the habitat of rare species of Kingfishers, hawks and other birds, besides waterfowl, resident and migratory herons and egrets. Water lily and lotus fill the clear flowing streams and waterfowl can be seen up close, treading over the broad floating leaves. Fish dart about and birds fly low over the water as you cruise slowly past. The center’s founder is a renowned pharmacist and herb cultivator fondly called Ong Ba. Herbal medicines and wines made at the center are available besides honey from beekeepers in the area. Trip highlights include cycling and boating in the rarely visited wetlands of Dong Thap Muoi, cruising clear water canals along the dream-like landscape of lotus fields and billowing reeds, fish in the water and birds among the trees and in the air and learning about the wetlands ecology and medicinal plants and herbs.

Mekong Wetland. Vietnam

Mekong Wetland. Vietnam. Vietnamr Birding Tours

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