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Vietnam Birding Tours. Tra Su Forest

August 6, 2011

Tra Su Cajuput Forest. Mekong Vietnam.

Vietnam Birdwatching Tour. Go Wild With The Birds.
Tra Su Cajuput Forest. Mekong Vietnam.
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Covering 845-hectare forest, Tra Su is considered as the Mekong Vietnam’s famed wetland bird sanctuary with lush cajuput forest, zigzagging waterways, thick lotus canals, muddy paths and friendly rangers.  During flooding season (July  – December), Tra Su is the perfect place for travellers to watch wetland birds , wildlife in close-up, and experience floating lives on Mekong river.
Located in An Giang province, the Cajuput forest is 20 km from Chau Doc town, 10 km away from frontier area, Vietnam – Cambodia, as the crow-fly. No double, from the park’s bird watching tower, over 20 m high, there is a bird –eye view of endless green vast and holly That Son Mountains.
For adventurers, there is a cycling loop of surroundings Ha Tien, Tuc Dup, Nui Cam before visiting the bird sanctuary and Chau Doc.
Last but not least, don’t forget to bring mosquitos repellent, sandals for sleepy walking tracks and early morning or late afternoon is best time of a day for a raucous birding life.

For birding tour to Tra Su Cajuput Forest in details, scan on our link to see our passions.

Tra Su Cajuput. Birding Tour in adventurous mood.

Muddy tracks. Tra Su Cajuput. Vietnam Birding Tours

Cycling and Birding Tour. Vietnam

En route to Tra Su Capjuput Forest.

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