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Vietnam Birding Tours. Tram Chim National Park

August 6, 2011
Cham Chimnational Park, Vietnam

Oriental Darter. Cham Chim National Park, Mekong, Vietnam

Vietnam Birdwatching Tour in Tram Chim National Park.
Dong Thap. Vietnam

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Around 7 hours by road from Ho Chi Minh City, Tram Chim National Park is known as a “green island” with a typical natural landscape of the submerged region of Dong Thap Muoi. The park is home to many botanical species and nearly 200 species of water birds which account for about a quarter of the birds in Vietnam. This includes many rare and precious species of water birds. Among them, the most well-known are the red-headed cranes, one of 15 endangered species of cranes in the world. Nearly 60 percent of the population of red-headed cranes resides in Tram Chim National Park.
If you visit Tram Chim National Park during the time of day when the highest tides occur, normally from August to November, you can take a motorboat ride through forests rich with plants and flowers and green cajuput trees.

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