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Hoian Flood in Sep, 2009

September 30, 2011

Hoian Historic Flood, Sep 2009

Historic Flood in Hoian, Sept 30, 2009

Hoian , a former trading port dating from the 15th century, is a major tourist town in Vietnam suffered high flood during the end of Sep, 2009.

Rains came heavily over the Hoian and east mountains with strong winds from the ocean in several days before the flood came.

The water came quickly during the night eve till the next morning.  All the picturesque narrow streets of tightly-packed old temples, craft shops and restaurants were submerged in filthy brown water from the high mountain, mainly. Local residents said water had reached halfway to the ceiling on the ground floor of their homes. Almost people are trapped on their upper floors. The water matches that of 45 years ago, according to folk historic records.

In 1999, ancient Hoi An had suffered historic flood which marked the water at 7m high.

The whole town center  was cut off and accessible only by boat, with strict conditions. The major An Hoi Bridge which link the old quarter to An Hoi fishing village was cracked, forcing people to cross in single file.

Un- expecting and unpredictable flood hit the local economy deeply. Almost the shops clothes and fabric are soaked up with water. Some shops lost almost everything.

Estimated about 6,000 Vietnamese and foreign tourists remained in the town but they were all had been moved out of the flood zone safely.

The first flood in my life experience marked itself with sad memories of Hoian


Hai Van
Grandeur Journeys,


Nguyen Thai Hoc street, main business street in Hoian in the flood, Sep 2009

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